Thursday, February 11, 2016

Distracti....look a squirrel!

Check that out.  Yeah, that sweet thaaang right up there ^.  That, my new friends, is my baby.  That right there is a 1930's era Royal Aristocrat.  Why do I love it so much?  Look at it.  So fine in all its glory.  She is a sight to behold.  Like a good wine with a fine, stanky cheese.

While what I've said up to now is 100% true, the reason I really love it is because I am so easily distracted.  Call it ADD or a personality problem or whatnot.  I have trouble staying on task.  So....if I sit down in front of the computer to try to pry some ideas out of my thick head, guess what happens.  That's right.  Nothing happens.  I start messing around with my Twitter or Instagram feeds.  (I'd say facebook, but I don't really do facebook anymore).  I might even find need to organize my contacts, or review my calendar for the 100th time.  I just don't get anything done.  Maybe, just maybe, I'm not the only one who has this.....what was that?

I've found it peculiar how I'm getting sucked into this world that does not exist outside of my own mind and what I've written so far.  As such, there is nothing that will point me back to that non-existent world except for, well, me.  Following my logic?  So if I don't have anything there to distract me, the entirety of my brain is there to shove me back toward my writing.  As such, I love my typewriter.

While I have an old typewriter, if you want to get a new typewriter, you can check out what Amazon has to offer here.  I've heard through the grapevine that many people are happy to buy new, because they don't have to do all the troubleshooting that can come with vintage variety.  They still make manual typewriters if the look of an electronic typewriter makes you want to vomit.

But for the bold, the brave, and the adventurous, I recommend a good-ol' vintage manual typewriter.  One thing that I learned when I started looking at vintage typewriters, is that they aren't especially expensive.  Mine was a gift, but I think it was somewhere between 100 and 150ish on ebay.  The key (no pun intended) is to make sure they work reasonably well before you buy.  Sometimes they just need new ribbon, which is a normal maintenance issue (like changing the ink in your printer).  Mine needed some cleaning and lube as well as new ribbon.  I was able to do a quick google search or two to figure out how to best accomplish this.  Now it works pretty stinking well, I'd say at 95%, but it's not perfect.  You can take a gander at what eBay has to offer here.

Either way, I've been super happy with my decision to get one.  I highly recommend it.  It's helped a lot with distracti......look a squirrel!

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